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Mercure Forbes Global Properties

Mercure Forbes Global Properties is a luxury real estate network that has been active since 1936. Specializing in the sale and rental of prestigious properties such as manors, castles, manor houses, private mansions, lofts, farmhouses, luxury villas, architect-designed houses, and historic monuments, this network assists owners and buyers with their high-end real estate projects.

History and Heritage

For over 80 years, Mercure Forbes Global Properties has established itself as a key player in luxury real estate and heritage property in France. Born from a family history, the group has developed into an expert in the sale of castles, charming rural properties, and characterful estates. This passion for heritage is shared by the 130 collaborators spread across France and by the 1000 international correspondents.

Services and Expertise

Mercure Forbes Global Properties experts offer a comprehensive range of services for the purchase or sale of luxury real estate. Each selected property is unique and rare, and the collaborators ensure they uncover all important details: structure, building materials, renovation works, equipment, site history, and environment. Services include:

  • Precise property valuation
  • Rental management for secure additional income
  • Personalized support to meet clients' expectations and dreams

Network and International Presence

The Mercure Forbes Global Properties network covers 90 departments in France, with a growing international presence thanks to partners in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and an agency in Marrakech. Partnerships with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and Mayfair International further enhance their global reach.

Founding Member of Forbes Global Properties

Since the end of 2020, Mercure Forbes Global Properties has joined Forbes Global Properties, an exclusive portal reserved for the 100 most prestigious real estate companies. This network offers global visibility and a unique platform for transactions and collaboration, allowing access to the world's most beautiful prestigious properties.


Mercure Forbes Global Properties combines a taste for excellence with a demand for quality support. With its expertise, experience, and international network, the group continues to evolve to identify trends and meet the needs of its clients, thus realizing their real estate dreams.